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You don't need any server side requerimients on your hosting.

The stats offered by hosting providers and log analyzers contain user access data mixed with the access logs by automated programs, that access the site (such as search engine robots. This induces a certain noise which in turn makes the stats unrealistic.

If we base our evaluations of the visitor count, visits and hits, on the web server records, we can reach wrong conclusions, since they are generally inflated in regards to the number of users that have actually been using the website; we can then build wrong commercial strategies around values that differ from the real ones. All that can affect the results negatively.

It is mostly due to this reason that remote web services became more and more popular these days. These services are capable of grabbing the stats from other sites, through insertion of simple Javascript code lines, or images.

Our D4Wstats system generates "clean" statistics, reflecting precisely the people who visit the site, without additional noise from automated programs. It is available in the version that allows you to install it in your own website or, if you prefer, an online version.

When should you choose the online version? This is the way to go if your server does not allow PHP or, for example, if used for blogs hosted with services that do not allow programming codes, as it is the case with Blogger. You have 30 days to try the service free of charge. After that interval you can contract the service for an annual fee or buy a copy of D4Wstats for your own server. One payment will allow you to apply it on all your sites.

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