Web Stats Little

The free version of Web Stats Pro.
Available as Dreamweaver Extension and as a independent installation.

D4WStatsLittle is a software that you can easily copy to your website to analyze the statistics of access to your page and study them in order to establish most adequate strategies for search engine marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

D4WStatsLittle - Free Web StatsIt is available as a Dreamweaver Extension, which allows to install it easily with a single click from the Commands menu in Dreamweaver. In case you don't use Dreamweaver, the installation is simple: just copy the files onto your website and add a JavaScript to your pages.

Main Features:

  • Easy to install, easy to understand, no programming skills required.
  • Available as Dreamweaver Extension and as stand-alone software
  • Minimal requirements and minimal server load
  • Does not require external database systems
  • You can move your site to another server without losing your stats
  • Real time stats
  • 24/7 quality dedicated support, free!
  • IP blocking available.
  • Updated IP-to-Country database


  • PHP 4.0 or superior
  • PHP GD Library 2.0 or greater (the PHP image library), this library is present in most PHP installations.

D4WStatsLittle is the free version of D4WStats. It has the same features and advantages of D4WStats, with the only limitation: it shows the stats for the current day only.

D4WStatsLittle contains the same reports but only provides information for the current day. You can download and install D4WStatsLittle free of charge. Later you can upgrade to D4WStats in case you wish to have access to the complete historical data of your site, to realize a more in-depth analysis.


The following links are a sample of "Web Stats Pro". Web Stats Little is pretty similar with the one limitation: it shows the stats for the current day only.

- Summary
- This Month
- Today's Report
- Browsers
- Most Popular Pages
- Origin by Country
- Referers
- Visitors, visits and hits
- Visits / hours
- Cookie's Support
- Screen Resolutions
- Referers by Domain
- Search Engine Traffic

Screenshots, FAQ & Guide


With Dreamweaver:

  1. Double click the .MXP file
  2. Click the "Install D4WStatsLittle" from the Dreamweaver commands menu.
  3. Set write permissions on the folder "/d4wstatslittle/d4wfiles/logs/" created on your web site.

Without Dreamweaver:

  1. Copy the folder "d4wstats" to your site's root
  2. Set write permissions on the folder "/d4wstatslittle/d4wfiles/logs/"
  3. Paste the tracking code into your web pages.


Protecting access to the stats

There are two options:

  1. Protect the folder "/d4wstatslittle/report/" with a password from your web server or your web control panel.
  2. ...or just rename the folder "/d4wstatslittle/report/", example "/d4wstatslittle/my-secret-word/" and then access the reports at the address http://your-web-site/d4wstatslittle/my-secret-word/.

Blocking IPs

Add one IP address per line into the file "/d4wstats/blocked-ips.txt". Visits from these IPs will not be counted into the stats.


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