Web Stats Pro

A Dreamweaver Extension.
Also available as independent software.

D4WStats is a Web Stats software designed to be installed with minimal requirements and compatible with most servers and platforms.

D4WStats Pro PackageD4WStats is not a log analysis tool, this system records the stats through a JavaScript code inserted into the web pages being monitored by the system. This means that you can install the stats exactly in the pages that you want and you will get only the stats generated by real user visits, not by automatic robots or other non-human programs.

D4WStats provides you with information about your users, the external referrers, the visits channeled by the main search engines, and other valuable information that will help you optimize your web site, monitor the results of your search engine marketing campaigns and search engine optimization strategies.


  • PHP 4.0 or superior
  • PHP GD Library 2.0 or greater (the PHP image library), this library is present in most PHP installations.

D4WStats works with any operating system (Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac/OS ...) and with any web server (Apache, IIS...). D4WStats is designed to work with the minimum PHP configurations: less than 8MB memory and less than 5 seconds of execution time.


Screenshots, FAQ & Guide


If you are using Dreamweaver follow these steps:

  1. Double click the .MXP file, this will install the extension inside Dreamweaver. This step is required only once for each Dreamweaver installation.
  2. To install D4WStatsLittle in a website created using Dreamweaver it is necessary to first define the website you are working in. Then, just click the "Install D4WStatsLittle" in the Dreamweaver commands menu. This step is required for every page where you want to track the web stats.
  3. Set write permissions on the folder "/d4wstats/d4wfiles/logs/" created on your web site. This step is required only once for a web site.

If you are not using Dreamweaver:

  1. Copy the folder "d4wstats" onto your site's root
  2. Set write permissions on the folder "/d4wstats/d4wfiles/logs/"
  3. Paste the tracking code into your web pages.


Protecting access to the stats

If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your web stats, the easiest way is to protect the folder "/d4wstats/report/" with a password from your web server or your web control panel. You can ask your hosting support how to do this. Otherwise, you can simply rename the folder "/d4wstats/report/" with a secret name, example "/d4wstatslittle/my-secret-word/" and then access the reports at the address http://your-web-site/d4wstats/my-secret-word/.

Blocking IPs

If you want to prevent your own visits to be tracked by the system you can add filtered IP address into the file "/d4wstats/blocked-ips.txt". Add one IP address per line. You can add as many addresses as you want.


The download contains two distributions, the Dreamweaver Extension version and the independent version.

Please, read the D4WStats License before purchase.

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USD $29.99
After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

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